Making the Most of Your Swapi Top

Making the Most of Your Swapi Top

With our interchangeable bottle and lid system, you can customize your bottle to fit your needs. Here are some of the best ways to make use of it!


Are you tired of rooting through a million bottles and lids every time you go out? If you’re like millions of people, you have a travel mug for coffee, a water bottle for the office, and at least one more for the gym or your workouts. Maybe you even have a special one that clips to your bike. Regardless, finding the right bottle and lid can be time-consuming at best and downright frustrating at worst. But those days are over. Say hello to Swapi Top!


Swapi Top is an insulated bottle with an interchangeable lids that makes everything from your work commute to your evening bike rides a breeze. One bottle and five lids carry hot and cold beverages, snacks, and everyday essentials with ease. Use the storage lid with the handle lid for your keys, money, and earbuds when you go jogging; this little container is watertight, so it’s also perfect for snacks at the beach, in a canoe, on a picnic, or while hiking. Need protein powder at the gym? Done. Cocoa mix while camping? Easy! The other lids work interchangeably with the storage lid, too.


The undeniable beauty of Swapi Top, though, lies in its versatility as a travel mug and water bottle. One insulated bottle goes from morning through the night with only a change of lid. The flip lid is ideal for coffee, tea, or cocoa on frosty morning commutes or at your desk. When you switch your coffee for water, just rinse and replace the flip lid with the straw lid, which is fast and efficient in the office, at the gym, or morning jog. The chug lid is the best option when you need lots of hydration fast; take it on a hike or bike ride or use it after your run.


With Swapi Top, you can stop carrying multiple travel mugs and bottles. All you need is right in the box, and your biggest decision is which lid to use first!

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